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Excavator Plate Compactor Description:

Excavator Plate Compactor is a special attachment which can be attached with any excavator or Backhoe Loader. This attachment is specially designed for various applications like Canal / Dam Slope Compaction, Railway track extension and for other where sloppy surface compaction is required. This attachment is capable of reaching surfaces where normal compactors cannot reach and can-do deep compaction than an ordinary compactor.

Hydraulic Compactor can fit for Various kinds of Excavators & Skid Loaders varying from KOMATSU, CAT, HITACHI, KOTO, DOOSAN, DAEWOO, JCB, OKB, NPK, MKB, LIUGONG, XCMG, LIEBHERR, HYUNDAI, SUMITOMO, KOBELCO, YANMAR, KUBOTA, IHISCE, TAKEUCHI etc

Excavator Plate Compactor
Hydraulic Compactor
Excavator Plate Compactor

Salient Features of Excavator Plate Compactor :

  • Compacts space where no other compactor can reach
  • Easy Quick Compaction
  • 3 Different models from 5 to 65 tons are available
  • Oil Bath Type compaction weight chamber is filled with gear oil. Periodic greasing and oil changing interval is 365 days.
  • Single hose block: All hoses are routed within the frame and connected to a mono hose block. Preventing the hoses from damage.
  • Self-aligning bearing, provides a long service life to rotating components.


Dynemix Excavator Plate Compactor: Maximizing Efficiency in Diverse Applications

In the domain of heavy-duty construction equipment, Dynemix proudly introduces its Excavator Plate Compactor, a powerhouse designed to revolutionize various sectors. Boasting unparalleled versatility and reliability, this compactor stands as a testament to engineering excellence.

Important Parameters:

  • Precision Compaction: Engineered for efficiency, the Dynemix Excavator Plate Compactor delivers precise compaction, ensuring uniform density across different materials, be it soil, asphalt, or gravel.

  • Adaptive Applications: Versatility is its forte; it effortlessly adapts to a myriad of applications, ranging from irrigation canals and roadways to railway tracks and trench compaction, making it an indispensable tool in the construction arsenal.

  • Enhanced Stability: Equipped with advanced stabilization mechanisms, this compactor guarantees stable and secure operations, even on challenging terrains and steep embankments, ensuring consistent performance without compromising safety.

Dynemix understands the demanding needs of modern construction projects, where efficiency and precision are paramount. This Excavator Plate Compactor exemplifies our commitment to delivering cutting-edge equipment that not only meets but exceeds industry standards.

Unmatched Performance in Varied Environments

The Excavator Plate Compactor by Dynemix stands out for its ability to thrive in diverse environmental conditions. Whether it's compacting soil for irrigation canals or ensuring stable foundations in railway construction, this compactor tackles each task with unparalleled efficiency and ease.

Its adaptability extends to trench compaction, where precision and reliability are essential. This compactor guarantees uniform compaction, reducing the risk of structural issues and ensuring long-term durability.

Reliability Redefined

Water and sewage projects demand equipment that can withstand rigorous usage. The Dynemix Excavator Plate Compactor not only withstands but excels in these settings. Its robust design and engineering ensure reliable performance, contributing to smoother and more efficient sewage and water infrastructure development.

Dynemix's Excavator Plate Compactor stands as a testament to innovation and reliability in the construction equipment landscape. With its adaptability, precision, and durability, this compactor redefines efficiency across a spectrum of construction applications, promising enhanced productivity and exceptional results.