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Lump Breaker Description:

Bulk solids are sometimes subject to lumping, caking, leading to the agglomeration of the individual solids particles into a bigger chunk that can reach several cm or dozens of cm in some cases. When this happens, lumps are causing important operational problems as they can block pipe, equipment, and reduce the capacity and or / quality of a production process.

Lump breaker from this leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier in India, aims at crushing the agglomerate so that the individual particles are recovered, as well as the properties of the bulk solids, especially its flowability.

Specific designs are using 2 rotating shafts, counter rotating, with the "combs" on the side of the lump breaker. Some other designs are using principles closer to hammer mills with some kind of beaters and a perforated plate allowing to size the material leaving the breaker.

It is preferable to control the feed to the lump breaker (at least roughly) by a dosing equipment such as a vibrating tube, a screw conveyor, or an airlock rotary valve. In some cases, the breaker may be operated in load, below a hopper, but in any case, the outlet must be free of product otherwise the rotation of the shaft is not possible.

Small lump breakers can be mounted on chassis. It is then possible, for small capacity applications, to 1st pass the material through the lump breaker and collect it in bags before tipping it to the main process.

Salient Features of Lump Breaker :

  • Preparing your material for conveying
  • Breaking up agglomerates
  • Reducing the material for further processing

Lump breakers reduce the lumps and agglomerations in various powder and grains which can impact and impede product flow. These include:

  • Coal, gypsum and soda ash
  • Detergent, herbicide, and sodium bicarbonate
  • Salt, sugar and frozen vegetables
  • Pet coke and filter cake
  • Chemical Powders like Lime, Soda Ash etc.

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