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Agitators With Drive Unit

Agitators with Drive Unit Description:

We design and manufacture customized agitator systems so that every product idea reaches the consumer exactly as our customers visualized it during development. They ensure the gentle treatment of the sensitive raw materials and efficient operation, and meet the highest aseptic and hygienic requirements. As a result, our products are “fit for purpose”, or in other words, tailored precisely to the respective consumer product, and they can handle a wide range of mixing tasks, whether mixing, cooling, heating, dissolving or emulsifying. In addition to the final product itself, the respective product characteristics are the focus of design and production.

The purpose of agitators can be for mixing liquids, solids, slurries, pastes, mixing liquids and gases, mixing solids and gases, promote chemical reactions, promote heat transfer etc. An agitator is installed in the vessel to ensue that the contents in the vessel become uniform and homogeneous and remain in a proper mixed state. Since they have such wide variety of uses, the agitators are used in a multitude of industries such as chemical, process, food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, metal extractions, ink, paint etc. Dynemix is a leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Agitators With Drive Unit in India.

Agitators are used in a variety of industrial processes such as for carrying out a chemical reaction, for mixing operations, for filtration, for drying, for heat exchange, etc. the agitators are able to cater or such wide variety of applications because there are a variety of impellers which come in different shapes and sizes.

Key Features of Agitators with Drive Unit :

  • Turbine Agitators
  • Paddle Agitators
  • Anchor Agitators
  • Propeller Agitators
  • Helical Agitators

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