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Ride-on Vibratory Roller Description:

The DIR-6500 is a mini vibrating roller from one of leading manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of Ride-on vibratory roller in India, ideal for compacting soil & asphalt. The machine is fully hydraulic which allows a small overhang enabling the roller to run close to obstructions i.e. walls. It is equipped with a water sprinkling, operating handle and hydraulic levers. The machine would be supplied with an electric starter. The Roller is comprising of two drums among them the front Drum is equipped with the vibration & traction both and the Rear Drum is with traction only.

Ride-on Vibratory Roller
Mini Vibrating Roller

Ride-on Vibratory Roller Key Features :

  • Compacts space where no other compactor can reach
  • Easy Quick Compaction
  • 3 Different models from 5 to 65 tons are available
  • Oil Bath Type compaction weight chamber is filled with gear oil. Periodic greasing and oil changing interval is 365 days.
  • Single hose block: All hoses are routed within the frame and connected to a mono hose block. Preventing the hoses from damage.
  • Self-aligning bearing, provides a long service life to rotating components.

Unleashing Precision and Power: Dynemix Ride-On Vibratory Roller

Dynemix introduces the Ride-On Vibratory Roller, an engineering marvel designed to redefine the standards of construction and road repair. This powerhouse machine is meticulously crafted to cater to a vast spectrum of applications, ensuring unparalleled efficiency and precision in every project it encounters.

Why Dynemix Ride-On Vibratory Roller?

  • Versatile Applications: From road construction and pavement repair to compacting canals, widening roads, gardening, and fortifying embankments, this roller is a multifaceted solution for diverse construction needs.
  • Precision in Compaction: Equipped with advanced vibratory technology, this roller ensures meticulous compaction of granular and asphalt surfaces, guaranteeing stability and longevity in all construction endeavors.
  • Adaptive Design: Engineered to navigate challenging terrains, including hilly landscapes with sharp bends, culverts, highways' edges, parking lots, playgrounds, and internal roads on varying soil types, its adaptability ensures consistent performance.

Revolutionizing Construction and Road Repair:

In the domain of road construction and repair, precision is pivotal. The Dynemix Ride-On Vibratory Roller becomes an indispensable asset, offering meticulous compaction on pavements, ensuring durability and smooth surfaces that withstand heavy traffic and adverse weather conditions.

Moreover, in the realm of canal compaction, this roller's precision ensures stability, minimizing risks of erosion and structural integrity issues. When applied to road widening projects, gardening endeavors, or fortifying embankments, its adaptability and precision guarantee optimal results in diverse terrains and conditions.

From private roads to hilly terrains with sharp bends, culverts, edges of highways, parking lots, playgrounds, and even internal roads within housing on varying soil types, this roller ensures uniform compaction, enhancing stability and longevity across various construction scenarios.

The Dynemix Ride-On Vibratory Roller is the epitome of precision, adaptability, and power in the construction realm. Its ability to cater to an extensive array of applications - from road construction to gardening, canal compaction to fortifying embankments - makes it an indispensable asset in the pursuit of durable, stable, and top-quality construction results across varied terrains and project scopes.