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Drag Chain Conveyor

Drag Chain Conveyor :

Drag chain conveyors operate based on the principle of a chain-and-flight combination that pulls a volume of material along its path. The chain is outfitted with distinct flights or paddles, effectively dragging the material from diverse charging points to multiple discharging locations.

Designed with precision to meet the specific requirements of each unique application, our conveyors undergo a meticulous evaluation process. Conveyor size, flight selection, single- or dual-chain layout, housing, diverting discharge ports, high-temperature components, and other critical options are all considered by our dedicated design team. These elements are incorporated as necessary to ensure the efficient movement of all materials.

Our commitment extends to the manufacturing, exporting, and supplying of a comprehensive range of material handling systems tailored to diverse industries. Employing premium quality raw materials, such as motors and chains, in our production processes, we uphold a standard of excellence in our material handling systems. Additionally, we offer customized solutions based on client specifications.

The conveyors we manufacture and supply are of optimal quality, with a focus on utilizing high-quality raw materials in the production process. Widely employed for transporting materials from one point to another, our conveyors and feeders are available in varied lengths and widths, accommodating the specific requirements of our clients. Dynemix is a leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of drag chain conveyor in India.

Drag Chain Conveyor Salient Features :

  • Easy in Installation
  • High Load Carrying Capacity
  • Available in Variable Sizes
  • Capable of conveying at large distance
  • Efficient conveying
  • Rigid Design for the Significant Application
  • Optimum Price-Performance Ratios
  • Less Space Consuming Equipment
  • Fully Enclosed Conveyor Housing
  • Removable Conveyor Covers
  • Wear Resistive Blades and Bottom Liners

Elevating Material Handling Standards with Drag Chain Conveyors

Our Drag Chain Conveyors epitomize innovation, offering a seamless amalgamation of technology and functionality. Facilitating the smooth flow of materials, whether powders, grains, or bulk solids, these conveyors ensure a hassle-free, continuous transfer process. Dynemix India’s commitment to precision engineering guarantees a conveyor system that exceeds industry standards, elevating your material handling practices.

Redefining Reliability and Performance with Drag Chain Conveyor

With Dynemix India’s Drag Chain Conveyor, reliability becomes synonymous with every operation. Minimize manual intervention and maximize efficiency with a system that operates flawlessly, handling varying loads with ease. Witness unparalleled performance, whether transporting heavy-duty materials or managing intricate processes. This conveyor system isn’t just a component; it’s a testament to our dedication to redefining excellence in material handling.

Step into a realm where efficiency meets innovation, and reliability intertwines with performance. Choose Dynemix India’s Drag Chain Conveyor for an elevated material handling experience that sets new benchmarks in the industry.

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