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Manual Bag Dumping Station


Dynemix’s manual Bag Dump Stations provide for the effective dumping of small volume bags while mitigating loss of product through dusting. Improve worker safety, reduce housekeeping and keep your material in the product flow where it belongs with a Dynemix Bag Dump Station with integrated dust collection.

These bag dump stations, manufactured in steel or stainless steel and with an ergonomic design, allow the bulk materials to be stored and transferred to the production line without air contamination by dust emissions during the bag opening and discharge process. All cabins are equipped with dust extraction nozzles or integrated filters.

The operator places his bag on a shelf, manually or using a vacuum manipulator, and positions it on the screen placed above the powder evacuation hopper. Once the cutting operation has been performed, the operator opens the door and shakes the empty bag. Dynemix is a leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of bag dump stations in India.

Key / Salient Features:

  • Perfect ergonomics: the working position of the operator is efficient and safe & Healthy working atmosphere
  • Access door mounted on a gas spring
  • Inner screen for supporting bags with sliding bar
  • Product outlet chute adapted to each particular case
  • Facilitated to dump / unload the bags for further process
  • Inbuilt pulse jet filter & ID Fan eliminate dusting at charging side
  • Charging or loading the dusty material to the different process
  • MOC-MS (IS2062), SS304, SS316 etc.

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