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Material Handling Equipment

Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying System

Description :

Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying presents an effective technique for the transportation of challenging, abrasive, or friable materials at a deliberate, unhurried pace. This method propels materials within a closed pipe, manifesting as a plug, utilizing minimal gas at a low pressure and high-volume positive displacement. Typically, this procedure involves the transfer of material from a singular collection point to either a singular destination or multiple reception points.

Widely employed across both light and heavy industries, dense phase pneumatic conveying emerges as a pivotal process for material movement. The system facilitates the seamless transport of materials through enclosed pipelines, meticulously guiding them from one silo to another. This intricate process involves the deliberate movement of material along the pipeline's bottom, employing high pressure and minimal gas volumes. As manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers of pneumatic dense phase conveying, our approach ensures the preservation of material integrity, leading to reduced wear on the conveying system.

Key Features :

  • Less Maintenance
  • No material emission, no dust emission, clean & Dust Free environment
  • Low Noise Operation
  • Low Air Flow Rate

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