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Automatic Bag Stitching and Conveying System

  • Client: UPL Limited (UPL-1)
  • Supply: Automatic Bag Stitching and Conveying System
  • Material: CaCl2 Bags
  • Location: Ankleshwar, Gujarat

Description of Supply:

  • Bag Conveying System is a combination of different Belt Conveyors with Compatible attachments and spacing.
  • All the conveyors are having a separate Motor Gearbox Drives.
  • Empty bags are placed at the first conveyor and it is a mounted on Load cell. One Weighing Indicator with Cabinet is placed at eyesight level to read the weight reading of bag.
  • After completion of filling, the bag is transferred further and flipped from vertical to horizontal orientation by means of a Special Attached Mechanism
  • In the length of conveyor there is one Bag Counting sensor is provided to maintain the production record
  • After this, filled bag will stitch by an Automatic Bag Stitching Machine and the conveyor further moves the bag towards the application.
  • Bag Cleaning Rolls are equipped with the smooth brushes to clean the bag from outside


Equipment / Instruments use for Automatic Bag Stitching and Conveying System:

  • Belt Conveyors of Customised Lengths and Drives
  • Bag Guide Flappers in all Conveyors
  • Bag Turner
  • Bag Counte
  • Automatic Bag Stitching Machine
  • Bag Cleaning Roll Brush
  • Dust Collector
  • Steel Structure and Supports
  • Walk Ways and Ladders
  • Radial Belt Conveyor
  • Decline Belt Conveyor
  • Roller Belt Conveyor